February 09, 2014

Essense Electrostatic Speakers Wall-Mountable

How To Improve The WAF Of Your Man-Cave

Wall-Mountable Electrostatic Speakers by Essence™Essence Lifestyle Banner 3

WAF stands for “wife acceptance factor”, a feature most audiophiles and videophiles regardless of gender consider mandatory in their AV systems these days. Traditional big box speakers continue to be un-inspiring and soncially stale, with a low WAF score. The speakers have to please your significant other visually or it’s a no go. At this years CES, a new generation of Ultra HD 4K HDTVs is telling us its time to go big with speakers that match.

The next generation of flat panel HDTVs have higher resolution than ever before, 4 times higher than 1080p. This enables larger screens up to 110-200″ diagonal at home, enhancing the sensory experience and emotional impact of watching live sports, movies, and concerts on Blu-ray. The conventional speaker brands have not kept up with the progress of the HDTV’s and one trend to watch is the evolution of flat panel speakers, a challenge for conventional technology.using dynamic drivers in wood boxes. Lets just say this niche not a good fit for them.

Essence 1200 Sanus BracketEssence™ manufactures unconventional flat, transparent panel speakers that mount on brackets allowing extension from 4-20″ off the wall, creating a high performance audio video experience with the aesthetic appeal all genders are looking for today.

Electrostatic speakers have finally come of age and Essence™ is leading the way with its breakthrough manufacturing process that makes so much sense.  We actually print them now on giant high resolution ink-jet printers using inks that conduct electricity in layers to create the electrostatic field.

Essence™ Electrostatic speakers have one moving part, an ultra low-mass diaphragm made of mylar film, suspended between two perforated acrylic panels. Sound is created by the push/pull principle of like objects repelling (like two positive poles on a magnet) and opposite objects attracting in an electrostatic field. The first applications of this technology were developed in the 1950′s for speakers in tight places on submarines, soon after finding its way into use in high end audio systems. Since then, improvements in all the materials have made them more reliable, more efficient, and more beautiful. its fair to say they’ve come of age.Essence Lifestyle Banner 2

Amazingly, they are transparent, you can see right through them. Its like magic when a speaker with only one moving part made of transparent Mylar film can make a sound so pure and free of distortion.. No other speaker I know of delivers sound with such clarity and resolution, with a realistic and palpable stereo image. Its low mass design and simplicity reproduce music better than any existing conventional speaker can, its simple physics. Its time to step up to a better quality listening experience at the same time you up your game with one of the new, BIG, UltraHD 4K TVs.

This is the leading edge of speaker design right now. After a year inventing how to make them, we are now ready to sell them. Ask for Essence™ Electrostats at the best AV stores around the world, accept nothing less.

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