Yo-Yo Ma: A Playlist Without Borders CD 2013

Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project has been on a mission to promote innovation and cross-cultural understanding through the arts for the last 15 years; the latest chapter comes with their 2013 album, A Playlist Without Borders. The vision of Yo-Yo Ma's limitless collective is as timely as ever: to connect the world's neighborhoods by bringing together artists and audiences. From flashy surf guitar sounds to ninth century Chinese poetry, from modular playlists to Egyptian rhythms, the Silk Road Ensemble mixes the modern and the traditional, breaking boundaries of ethnicity and era.

The Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma's A Playlist Without Borders is the groundbreaking group's fifth recording and the first since 2009's Grammy-nominated Off the Map. With A Playlist Without Borders, The Silk Road Ensemble once again demonstrates that there are no barriers for those approaching music with an open mind.

Track Listing

  Track # Title
1 Part 0
2 Part 1
3 Part 2
4 Part 3
5 Part 4
6 Part 5
7 Cristina's Interlude
8 Part 6
9 Night Thoughts
10 Saidi Swing
11 Allegretto
12 Atashgah
13 Drag the Goat
14 Bury the Hatchet
15 Move the Earth
16 Wake the Dead

Product Reviews

Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble has continued to develop its intercultural ways, exploring those along the trade routes (maritime as well as land-based) that stretched for centuries from the Mediterranean world to China and even beyond. (The Silk Road brought Indian culture and later the Islamic faith to Indonesia, and one hopes that the group might someday take up that musically fascinating one, so well suited to its syncretic way of thinking.) Ma has had the pleasure of seeing his creation gradually become more independent; he appears on several pieces but takes a starring role only once or twice. Generally he leaves the spotlight to the young players of the Silk Road Ensemble, whose trademark combination of enthusiasm and precision is on full display throughout. Sample the incredible intensity in the final "Briel," taken from from John Zorn's Caym: Book of Angels XVII, originally performed by Cyro Baptista & Banquest of the Spirits, and further arranged by the ensemble itself. The program includes a general mix that typifies the group's genre- and border-crossing ways, with highlights including a suite by MacArthur "genius grant" winner Vijay Iyer and the Central Asian gypsy jazz of David Bruce's "Cut the Rug." ~ James Manheim, Rovi


Silk Road Ensemble/Yo-Yo Ma
A Playlist Without Borders
Classical & Opera
Classical Artists
24 September 2013
~ Discs:1 ~ Country:USA
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