Yellow Jackets: New Morning The Paris Concert 2008 DVD 2009 16:9 DTS 5.1

The Yellowjackets arrived on the scene more or less in 1977, when the original iteration (not yet called Yellowjackets) was formed by guitarist Robben Ford. Ford quickly left to pursue solo opportunities, and the group's first album under their current name came in 1981.

By that time the fusion movement had been in full swing for almost a decade, with such famous purveyors as Chick Corea's Return to Forever and Weather Report touring extensively and releasing amazingly good selling albums, considering the perhaps niche market this medley of styles appeals to. The Yellowjackets were an interesting assemblage right off the bat for being guitarless (after Ford's departure, obviously), and for managing to work an unusually diverse musical palette that culled equally from outside soloing to more in the pocket R&B flavored grooves that could almost have come from The Crusaders.

A performance by the Yellowjackets purveyors of progressive jazz for nearly three decades is an experience that has as much to do with sight as it does with sound. Any given performance on any given night by this seasoned quartet brings with it a degree of spontaneity and expression on an individuals well as collective level that can be best appreciated by seeing these four highly skilled musicians in front of a live audience. New Morning: The Paris Concert takes you up close and personal with the Yellow jackets on stage at the New Morning, one of the most celebrated clubs in Paris, recorded in March 2008. The DVD captures 90 minutes of live music at the New Morning and also features Soundcheck Sketches, a brief but insightful segment narrated by Jimmy Haslip, who introduces each band member and provides an overview of the Yellow jackets philosophy as a whole.


Yellow Jackets
New Morning: The Paris Concert
Jazz, Music Video & Concerts
Jazz, Music Video (Concert / Performance)
7 July 2009
Russell Ferrante, Bob Mintzer, Jimmy Haslip, Yellowjackets, Marcus Baylor
Daniel Farhi
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7 July 2009
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Russell Ferrante, Bob Mintzer, Jimmy Haslip, Yellowjackets, Marcus Baylor
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