Yanni: Sensuous Chill CD 2016 01-29-16 Release Date

2016 album from the Grammy-nominated superstar. Sensuous Chill is inspired by a myriad of international sounds and flavors with a groundbreaking new sonic approach. The album once again sees the visionary musician exploring new realms of sound and creativity inspired by his seeming infinite world travels. Tracks like the ecstatically rhythmic "Desert Soul" and the bhangra-spiced "Dance For Me" are among the most physically stimulating of the composer's remarkable canon, offering a new sonic perspective on his adventures and experiences amidst myriad aspects of global culture. Yanni is truly a global artist - a multiple Grammy Award-nominated composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer whose extraordinary body of work has both pioneered contemporary instrumental music and re-imagined the live concert-going experience. Since making his solo debut with 1984s Optimystique, Yanni has seen no less than 15 albums reach #1 on the Billboard's Top New Age Album Chart, more than any other artist ever, and has amassed over 35 platinum and gold records throughout his career.


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