Wild Africa / Tiny Giants: 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Digital 2PC 2017 Release Date 5/16/17


WILD AFRICA-Take a spectacular ride across, over, and through the most dramatic continent on earth: Africa. Narrated by Academy Award®-nominated Helena Bonham Carter (the Harry Potter films), Wild Africa follows the powerful, life-giving element, water, on a journey through Africa on an adventure that proves nature can be more fantastic than any fiction. 


 TINY GIANTS-The producers of Life and Planet Earth share this spectacular ground-level view of the world's smallest heroes. Special cameras transport viewers in a very intimate way into another world to experience the titanic battles these creatures face to survive. Narrated by Golden Globe®-nominated Stephen Fry (The Hobbit films, 24: Live Another Day), Tiny Giants reveals the astonishing lives of tiny animals in an adventure of giant proportions.





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