The Velvet Underground: White Light/White Heat 1967 Verve Records Debut Album 1967 (Pure Audio Blu-ray Only) DTS HD Master Audio 96kHz/24bit Hires Blu-ray

If the Velvet Underground's debut record was a shot at the conventions of rock music, White Light/White Heat, released on Verve later that same year (1967), was a full on nuclear blast. Relative to this record, The Velvet Underground & Nicowas a gentle slab of folk-rock. Video Clip for Audio Sample Only-
From the amphetamine-fueled, and inspired, opening of the title track to the 17 minute assault that is "Sister Ray" White Light/White Heat hardly lets up for a second, with the haunting "Here She Comes Now" being the album's only mellowing moment. One of the most difficult, challenging and ultimately beautiful pop records of all time, considered by many to be the Velvets greatest record. 

1. White Light/White Heat
2. The Gift
3. Lady Godiva's Operation
4. Here She Comes Now
5. I Heard Her Call My Name
6. Sister Ray


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