Tower Of Power: Hipper Than Hip Live On The Air & In The Studio WLIR Long Island 1974 Yesterday & Tomorrow 2 CD Set 2013

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Two CD set. On May 14, 1974, Tower of Power went to radio station WLIR in Hempstead, Long Island and played a live-in-the-studio show that set the station ablaze as well as the radios of any listeners that were lucky enough to hear it.
Flash forward nearly 40 years. On a whim, a tape collector sends US the show, saying that of his 10, 000-plus recordings of live concerts, this set was his favorite. Well, people send US stuff all the time; but within about five minutes of listening to this show, we know we HAVE to find a way to expose the record-buying public to this performance. So, fingers crossed, we send it to the band, and much to our delight, they agree with us. Indeed, Hipper Than Hip captures the band at their commercial peak, fresh from releasing their fourth album, Back to Oakland. What makes the recording particularly overpowering aside from the band's performance, which is so on the money that calling it "tight" doesn't really do it justice is that it was a live-in-the-studio session, so the fidelity is the equal of a studio recording, yet it has all the passion and immediacy of a live concert.


    Tower of Power
    Hipper Than Hip (Yesterday Today & Tomorrow)
    R&B & Soul
    Soul / R & B
    25 November 2013
    2 CD ~ Discs:2
    Real Gone Music ( RLGE )
    Compact Disc
    D: CD

    Track Listing

      Track # Title
    1 Intro
    2 Oakland Stroke
    3 Squib Cakes
    4 This Time It's Real
    5 Soul Vaccination
    6 You'Re Still a Young Man
    7 Clean Slate
    8 So Very Hard to Go
    9 Get Your Feet Back on the Ground
    10 Intro
    11 Time Will Tell
    12 Man From the Past
    13 Down to the Nightclub
    14 Just when We Start Makin It
    15 Knock Yourself Out
    16 What Is Hip
    # Title



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