TLC: TLC CD Release from the R&B Duo 2017 Release Date: 6/30/2017

2017 release from the R&B duo. Having largely stepped back from the public eye since the tragic passing of Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes, the group is now ready to return to the spotlight.  Preview clip is for audio sample only-CD only no video

A Kickstarter campaign was launched to contribute towards recording the new album and became the most-funded in the company's history, with the likes of Katy Perry amongst the first to donate. Early live shows as a duo saw them play sold out arenas in Japan (where they became the first artist to be awarded MTV's Legend Award since Michael Jackson) as well as the US and Australia, which illustrate a renewed confidence, mixing iconic hits with new material such as "Way Back. " "TLC occupy the same rarefied air as the icons they honor in the chorus, and 'Way Back' is a fine way to kick off their hard-earned victory lap. " - Pitchfork. "'Way Back' features T-Boz and Chilli returning to the band's classic... sound as they reminisce about the old days, while also namechecking music icons like Prince, Michael Jackson, and Marvin Gaye. " - People. Com. "TLC's anthems of respect and empowerment stood out above all others... genre-defining pioneers. " - Guardian.

  • 1 No Introduction
  • 2 Way Back [Explicit]
  • 3 It's Sunny
  • 4 Haters
  • 5 Perfect Girls
  • 6 Interlude
  • 7 Start a Fire
  • 8 American Gold
  • 9 Scandalous [Explicit]
  • 10 Aye Muthaf***a [Explicit]
  • 11 Joy Ride
  • 12 Way Back (Extended Version) [Explicit]
  • Label: 852 Musiq
  • Release Date: 6/30/2017
  • Genre: Soul/R & B
  • UPC: 040232606625
  • Product ID: EFTM11.2
  • Weight: .2 lb


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