Tangerine Dream: The Quantum Years Szczecin Philharmony Poland Soundlab Concert Series 2016 2 CD Set 2016 09-23-16 Release Date

2016 two CD set. Originally Mr. Klaus Schulze, the well-known contemporary of Edgar Froese and pioneer of electronic music was invited to play in the Szczecin Philharmony (Poland) in June 2016, but unfortunately had to cancel the concert due to his severe state of health. Sample clip below is for Audio only sample-this is a CD -for now-no Video 

So he suggested Tangerine Dream to perform in his stead, which the band thankfully accepted. The concert took place in a stunningly beautiful location within the framework of the SOUNDLab concert series. This special concert was the first official big concert for the three remaining TD members to perform live within the new period of The Quantum Years, the period Edgar Froese, founder and head of Tangerine Dream until his death in January 2015, still had the chance to introduce in Australia in 2014. Thorsten, Ulrich and Hoshiko chose a series of well-known and popular TD tracks, but also came up with many new arrangements and some very new tracks from their Quantum Key EP. Enjoy listening to a great live concert in Poland in a special atmosphere and with a wonderful audience. Dedicated to Edgar.

  • Disc 1 -
  • 1 Rubycon
  • 2 Mirage of Reality - Part One
  • 3 Genesis of Precious Thoughts
  • 4 Kiev Mission
  • 5 Logos
  • 6 Ricochet
  • 7 Proton Bonfire
  • 8 White Eagle
  • 9 Grind
  • 10 Dolphin Dance
  • - Disc 2 -
  • 1 Warsaw in the Sun
  • 2 Second Gravity
  • 3 Madagasmala
  • 4 Love on a Real Train
  • 5 Sorcerer Theme
  • 6 Mirage of Reality - Part Two
  • 7 Song of the Whale
  • 8 The Silver Boots of Bartlett Green
  • Label: East Gate
  • Release Date: 9/23/2016
  • Genre: Rock
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