Sheryl Crow: Miles From Memphis-Live at The Pantages Theatre 2010 DVD 2011 DTS-5.1 Audio

Sheryl Crow: Miles From Memphis - Live at The Pantages Theatre was filmed in late 2010 while the talented singer was touring the country to support her latest album. Most of the songs in the album mark an interesting stylistic change that brings Sheryl Crow's music closer to southern soul and R&B. As far as I am concerned, it was a great move as there is clearly reignited passion to sing on display that I think was lost for quite some time.


1.Our Love Is Fading

2. A Change Will Do You Good

3. 100 Miles From Memphis

4. Can't Cry Anymore

5. Strong Enough

6. Summer Day

7. My Favorite Mistake

8. Redemption Day

9. Long Road Home

10. Everyday Is A Winding Road

11. Sideways

12. Roses And Moonlight

13. If It Makes You Happy

14. Soak Up The Sun

15. Peaceful Feeling

16. All I Wanna Do/Got To Give It Up

17. I Want You Back

18. I Shall Believe

Longtime fans of the singer will immediately notice that she looks and sounds a lot more relaxed. Her voice is mellow and rich, and easily fills up the entire venue. During "Strong Enough", for instance, it literally feels as if she is performing for a single person, someone special, not in a venue with hundreds of people. This sense of intimacy which the music lends to the listener is quite wonderful.

The nine-piece band is terrific. According to Crow, the musicians were handpicked for the exact type of new sound she and her producers were looking for. And it shows -- there is no denying that there is terrific chemistry between Crow and the band as there are all sorts of improvised solos that pop up in the middle of different songs that work exceptionally well. 


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