Flying Colors: Second Flight Live At The Z7 Switzerland 2014 [2CD+1BR] Box Set 2015 Release Date: 11/13/2015

2CD/1BR. Second Flight: Live at the Z7. It’s an action-packed, (mostly) Adam Sandler-free romp through Second Nature, with copious diversions from our first album. We filmed it on only the eighth show of our 2014 tour, at the Z7 in Switzerland. 

All of the show’s audio was produced using a newfangled audio technology called Harmonic Phrase Analysis, which was developed by Flying Colors’ own producer at Manchester Metropolitan University. Which is apparently an accredited university. (That’s their slogan.) According to the brochure, “Harmonic Phrase Analysis reduces the unwanted processing normally associated with contemporary live recordings, imparting a more organic feel to the sound field.” And just to be sure, every format of the show was separately mastered to delicious, 2-inch analogue tape for incredible warmth and tasty goodness.

Disc: 1

1 Overture
2 Open Up Your Eyes
3 Bombs Away
4 The Storm
5 Cosmic Symphony
6 The Fury Of My Love
7 Infinite Fire
8 Forever In A Daze

Disc: 2

1 One Love Forever
2 Colder Months
3 Peaceful Harbor
4 The Storm
5 Cosmic Symphony
6 Mask Machine
7 Infinite Fire



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