Scorpions: Live In Munich 2012 DVD DTS 5.1 16:9 2016 09-30-16 Release Date

Scorpions - "Live In Munich 2012"  • Filmed in high definition and simultaneously released on Blu-ray and DVD. • Scorpions have sold over 100 million records. • In 2015 the group celebrated it's 50th anniversary •   

Includes the classics: "Rock You Like A Hurricane," "Still Loving You," "Big City Nights," "Tease Me Please Me,"Wind Of Change," "Send Me An Angel," "Hit Between The Eyes," "Holiday," and many more! SONG LISTING: 1. Sting In The Tail [Live], 2. Make It Real [Live], 3. Is There Anybody There? [Live], 4. The Zoo [Live], 5. Coast To Coast [Live], 6. Loving You Sunday Morning [Live], 7. We'll Burn The Sky [Live], 8. The Best Is Yet To Come [Live], 9. Send Me An Angel [Live], 10. Holiday [Live] 11. Raised On Rock [Live], 12. Tease Me Please Me [Live], 13. Hit Between The Eyes [Live], 14. Kottak Attack [Live], 15. Blackout [Live], 16. Big City Nights [Live], 17. Still Loving You [Live], 18. Wind Of Change [Live], 19. No One Like You [Live], 20. Rock You Like A Hurricane [Live]


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