Rory Gallagher 50th Anniversary (4CD/DVD Boxed Set Deluxe Edition) 1971 'BBC Radio John Peel Sunday Concert'2021 Release Date: 9/3/2021

Deluxe four CD + DVD set. Rory Gallagher's eponymous debut solo album celebrates it's 50th Anniversary. The five-disc Deluxe Boxset includes a brand-new mix of the original album, 30 previously unreleased alternate takes, a six-song 1971 'BBC Radio John Peel Sunday Concert', and four 1971 BBC 'Radio Sounds of the Seventies' session tracks, all mastered at Abbey Road Studios. The box includes a previously unreleased 50-minute DVD of Rory's first solo concert for the 'Pop Deux' television show, poster and 32-page hardback book. 


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