Rolling Stones: Live At The Max 1991 DVD 2009 16:9 DTS 5.1 Recorded in IMAX

This 1991 concert film was one of the first to be shot and presented in IMAX format, with outstanding visual and audio clarity. Restored in high-definition to its original spectacular visual clarity and available on DVD for the very first time.

Filmed during a European leg of the Rolling Stones' Steel Wheels tour, this production boasts 15 songs and an extraordinary stage set with inflatable floozies (for Honky Tonk Woman ) and wild dogs (rather cleverly for Street Fighting Man ). 

The Stones' set emphasizes material from the late 1960s and early '70s ( Tumbling Dice, Happy, You Can't Always Get What You Want ). Highlights include Paint It Black, at once brutal and delicate, as well as a muscular Rock And A Hard Place, a psychedelicized 2,000 Light Years From Home, and a cheeky It's Only Rock 'N Roll. Once kings of a gloriously sloppy sound, the Stones prove to be as effective in their artistic maturity with small, breathtaking touches as they are with chunky orchestration. Guitarists Keith Richards and Ron Wood play as if they are of one mind, Richards providing powerful leads while his partner captures some of the texture of the group's original recordings. Bassist Bill Wyman, still in the band at this phase, offers wit and an encyclopedic grasp of rhythm & blues history, while drummer Charlie Watts adds control and swing. Mick Jagger prowls, climbs around the set and delivers all the charismatic goods for adoring audiences, even touching the forbidden fruit again in a feverish performance of Sympathy For The Devil.

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Rolling Stones: Live at the Max brings the 1991 IMAX film of one of the Stones' performances from the Steel Wheels tour to home video. The tour's over-the-top stage design, which included giant, inflatable ladies of the night for "Honky Tonk Woman" and wild dogs for an energetic rendition of "Street Fighting Man," reflect the band's increasing focus on theatrical presentation in their later years, but blazing performances of "Paint It, Black," "A Rock and a Hard Place," and "Start Me Up" prove that the Rolling Stones can still rock with the best of them. Though the video and audio quality do reveal their age a bit, most Rolling Stones fans will be pleased by Live at the Max's eclectic set list and impressive sets; sentimental fans will note that this was one of Bill Wyman's last performances with the band. At any rate, Live at the Max captures the intensity and theatricality that the Stones brought to the stage in the 1990s. ~ Heather Phares, Rovi


Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones: Live at the Max
Music Video & Concerts, Rock
Rock / Pop, Music Video (Concert / Performance)
10 November 2009
The Rolling Stones, Chuck Leavell, Bobby Keys
Christine Strand, David Douglas, Julien Temple, Noel Archambault, Roman Kroitor
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Technical Information 

10 November 2009
0 : Region-Free
Enhanced Widescreen 16:9 
Dolby Digital 5.1, PCM Stereo, English
Discs:1 ~ Format:Ntsc ~ Region:0
Arno Hecht(Uptown Horns), Bernard Fowler(Vocals), Bill Wyman, Bob Funk(Uptown Horns), Bobby Keys(Saxophone), Charlie Watts, Chuck Leavell(Keyboards), Crispin Cioe(Uptown Horns), Hollywood Paul Litteral(Uptown Horns), Keith Richards, Lorelei McBroom(Vocals), Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, Sophia Jones(Vocals), The Rolling Stones
Cinematographer:Andrew Kitzanuk, Cinematographer:David Douglas, Cinematographer:James Neihouse, Director:Christine Strand, Director:David Douglas, Director:Julien Temple, Director:Noel Archambault, Director:Roman Kroitor, Executive Producer:Andre Picard, Executive Producer:Michael Cohl, Producer:Andre Picard, Producer:Martin Walters, Producer:Michael Cohl, Producer:Nicholas J. Gray, Producer:Roman Kroitor
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