Robin Trower: State to State Live Across America 1974-1980 [Import 2 CD Edition ) 2013 All Live Concert Cuts Release Date 10/15/13

UK double CD set. Robin Trower is a Rock guitarist who achieved success with Procol Harum in the 1960s but while Procol Harum helped launch his career, he realized there was limited opportunities for his guitar work, and he eventually left to concentrate on his solo career.

His success rose through the 1970s and he became an arena headliner on the strength of his albums for Earth Below, Robin Trower Live!, Long Misty Days and in City Dreams. This set features 24 previously unreleased live tracks (over two hours of music) It's a unique anthology covering Trower's rise to fame in the US throughout the 1970s, from small clubs to major stadiums. Sleevenotes by Classic Rock's Malcolm Dome are based on a new interview with Robin Trower.


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