Rick Braun: Can You Feel It CD 2014 Pop/Jazz

Rick Braun is a true superstar of the contemporary/pop jazz genre. A hot ticket as a solo artist Rick also headlines several top-grossing jazz packages. Rick's public profile has never been higher. In fact, coming off of a #1 single from the latest BWB release and knowing his fan base has waited patiently for a solo release, Rick crafted CAN YOU FEEL IT like a fine wine. Like a ripe jazz varietal the tunes flow and ignite the senses; then your body releases its internal finger-snap/head-bob/toe-tap receptors.


Rick Braun
Can You Feel It
8 July 2014
~ Discs:1
Artistry ( ARKO )
Compact Disc

Track Listing

  Track # Title
1 Can You Feel It
2 Back to Back
3 Take Me to the River
4 Mallorca
5 Get Up and Dance
6 Another Kind of Blue
7 Delta
8 Silk
9 Radar
10 The Dream
11 Dr. Funkenstein



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