Queens Of The Stone Age: Queens Of The Stone Age CD 2011 Digitally Remastered 1998 Album

Special digitally remastered and expanded edition of Josh Homme and Alfredo Hernandez's 1998 debut album including three bonus tracks. Recorded after the break up of Homme's band Kyuss,the album saw Homme move away from the Stoner Rock sound of Kyuss to a more riff-heavy style of playing with QOTSA. The bonus tracks included are taken from a split EP with Dutch band Beaver and a split EP which featured Kyuss



Queens of the Stone Age
Queens of the Stone Age
Heavy Metal
17 May 2011
~ Discs:1
Rekords Reckord ( RKCZ )
Compact Disc

  Track # Title
1 Regular John
2 Avon
3 If Only
4 Walkin on the Sidewalks
5 You Would Know
6 The Bronze
7 How to Handle a Rope
8 Mexicola
9 Hispanic Impressions
10 You Can't Quit Me Baby
11 These Aren't the Droids You'Re Looking for
12 Give the Mule What He Wants
13 Spiders and Vinegaroons
14 I Was a Teenage Hand Model


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