Pink: Live From Wembley Arena London, England 2006 DVD Rated: UNR Release Date: 4/17/07

A full-length concert video Pink: Live from Wembley Arena filmed in London last December hits retail on April 17. The two-hour DVD features 20 songs including her controversial political diatribe 'Dear Mr. President' along with a back-stage documentary footage. 

Slick and earthy at the same time, Live from Wembley Arena picks up where Live in Europe left off. In this case, Pink, looking like Wendy O. Williams in black eyeliner and blond crop, is captured in one London show, circa December 2006, rather than in highlights from several. Since the first live DVD, she released her fourth album. There is, naturally, some overlap between the two videos--notably, "Trouble" and "God Is a DJ"--but the singer adds several songs from I'm Not Dead, like the title track, "U + Ur Hand," and "Stupid Girls." This time, however, there are no covers, except for a nod to "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This" during "Get the Party Started." Along with her talented troupe of backing dancers, she busts plenty of moves herself, particularly on the flamenco-flavored "There You Go." Then, on "Fingers," she ups the ante with death-defying Cirque Du Soleil-style acrobatics while suspended above the stage. There's also a lot of strong singing, although she must surely be lip-syncing during "Fingers" (it's hard to carry a tune while doing somersaults in the air), and her voice does start to abandon her during "What's Up." Fortunately, the audience helps out by joining in on the chorus. Pink confirms her versatility by performing "The One That Got Away" and "Dear Mr. President" in acoustic mode. And the number of costume changes--around a dozen--would surely turn Cher green with envy. As they say in England, "Jolly good show!" --Kathleen C. Fennessy

  • STARRING: P!nkPink
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  • GENRE: RockMusic Video (Concert/Performance)
  • RELEASE DATE: 4/17/2007
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