Pink Floyd: 1969 Dramatis/ ation (Boxed Set 2CD/DVD/Blu-ray) Digipack Packaging) 2017 Release Date: 3/24/2017

Four disc (2CD + DVD + Blu-ray) set. In 1969 Pink Floyd unveiled their two-part conceptual live production of 'The Man' and 'The Journey', covering a 24-hour period of dreaming, waking and other activities. Never released in that form, however some of the songs were used on the More soundtrack and the Ummagumma album. This volume refers back to 'The Man' and 'The Journey' tour with live performances in Amsterdam and for the BBC in London, but also includes the bonus tracks from the 'More' soundtrack that were used in the film but not on record, plus non-album tracks like the early version of Embryo from the Harvest sampler 'Picnic'. Video material includes 20 minutes of 'The Man'/'The Journey' rehearsal at the Royal Festival Hall, directed by Anthony Stern, including 'Afternoon (Biding My Time)', 'The Beginning (Green Is The Colour)', 'Nightmare (Cymbaline)', 'Beset By Creatures Of The Deep' and 'The End Of The Beginning' (the last part of A Saucerful Of Secrets), plus other live performance footage from that year.



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