Peter Gabriel: Growing Up Live Milan, Italy 2003 DVD 16:9 DTS 5.1


Gabriel's in-the-round performance at the Filaform in Milan, Italy from the 2002/2003 "Growing Up Live" Tour. Recorded in 5.1 Surround Sound in DTS and Dolby Digital plus Dolby Stereo, includes a photo gallery of the tour, the making of "Growing UP", 

Recorded in May 2003 at a single show in the Round in Milan, Italy, this documents Peter Gabriel's worldwide tour following his Up release. As such, it not surprisingly relies heavily on that disc, with seven of the 17 tracks originating from the album. . Gabriel is known for his elaborate, high-tech presentations and this certainly has its share of surprises.

Track listing

All songs are written by Peter Gabriel.

  1. "Here Comes the Flood" – 8:37
  2. "Darkness" – 8:39
  3. "Red Rain" – 6:14
  4. "Secret World" – 9:06
  5. "Sky Blue" – 7:47
  6. "Downside Up" – 7:36
  7. "The Barry Williams Show" – 9:19
  8. "More Than This" – 6:09
  9. "Mercy Street" – 7:39
  10. "Digging in the Dirt" – 7:36
  11. "Growing Up" – 6:14
  12. "Animal Nation" – 8:12
  13. "Solsbury Hill" – 4:45
  14. "Sledgehammer" – 4:59
  15. "Signal To Noise" – 9:39
  16. "In Your Eyes" – 11:34
  17. "Father, Son" – 6:15 

To reveal them would be unfair, since much of the excitement in watching a Gabriel show is seeing how his stage act -- here modernized for an in-the-round setting -- unfurls and reflects the songs. But suffice it to say, that unless you were there -- and even then -- Gabriel has plenty of tricks up his baggy black sleeves. Although he begins modestly, playing stark piano alone on an empty stage for a moving "Here Comes the Flood," the ever-present and very visible orange-suited crew, which appears and disappears though trap doors in the fake floor, quickly adds the full band. The camera work is excellent, if a bit hyperactive at times. Vocal overdubs are kept to a minimum and the 5.1 surround mix is astonishingly vibrant and detailed. This is a beautifully and imaginatively shot production caught in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Gabriel sounds great, as do the bandmembers, many of whom, like bassist Tony Levin and guitarist David Rhodes, are longtime associates. It's a must for any fan of the British star and a riveting performance even for those unfamiliar with his work. ~ Hal Horowitz, Rovi

Technical Information 

4 November 2003
01 Jan 2003
1: USA, Canada
1.78:1 (Alternate Wide Screen), Enhanced Wide Screen Letterbox for 16x9 TV
Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo, DTS, English
Discs:1 ~ Format:Ntsc ~ Region:1 ~ Country:Usa
Peter Gabriel
Executive Producer:David Taraskevics, Executive Producer:Mike Large, Executive Producer:Peter Gabriel
Digipak Gabriel,Peter Clr Dvd-Standard


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