Paul Hardcastle: Jazzmasters VII CD 2014

VII, while it carries all of the hallmarks that have come to define his unique style and sound, takes a decidedly different approach, with the focus on serving up compelling sonic instrumental soundscapes and less about vocals. This is Hardcastle's wheelhouse and nobody does it better. For those who use music as an escape from the day to day, these sides are the perfect transporting device, rich soulful atmospherics that lift you through space and time and carry you away to destinations of your choosing. The lead radio single ''Unlimited Love'' a tip of the hat to one of Paul's biggest influences Barry White adds another first and features label mate and one of the genres brightest rising stars trumpeter Cindy Bradley. Daughter Maxine and son Paul Hardcastle Jr again make appearances on the record providing just the right accents in all the right places.

Paul Hardcastle: Jazzmasters VII: CD Music Details: 020286216438


Paul Hardcastle
Jazzmasters VII
10 June 2014
~ Discs:1
Trippin & Rhyth ( TNR )
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