Paul Hardcastle: Paul Hardcastle VII CD 2013 Jazz & R&B Electronic Grooves

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2013 album from the veteran British songwriter, musician and producer. Features the single 'No Stress At All'.

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Keeping in the spirit of the previous six volumes in the Hardcastle/Paul Hardcastle series, albeit in a more sprawling and dancefloor-minded manner, VII is another album of lush and atmospheric electronic grooves that incorporate touches of R&B and jazz. While the previous volume drew from Kool & the Gang's"Jungle Boogie," Hardcastle builds "No Stress at All" with that band's instrumental classic "Summer Madness" as the foundation; the electronic piano intro is played with a little more lilt to it.

Joined by inviting horns and a tranquil, wordless vocal. "Summer Love," co-written by and featuring daughter Maxine, wouldn't be out of place on a Hed Kandi compilation or the tail-end of a H tel Costes mix. As usual, some of the song titles -- namely "Crystal Whisper," "Dance of the Wind," and "Stepping on Shadows" -- indicate the album's soothing new-age disposition. ~ Andy Kellman, Rovi

Track Listing

  Track # Title
1 The Truth (Shall Set You Free)
2 No Stress at All
3 Summer Love
4 Crystal Whisper
5 Easy Street
6 Dance of the Wind
7 Apache Warrior
8 Stepping on Shadows
9 Love Is a Power
10 The Truth (Shall Set You Free Reprise)



Paul Hardcastle
Paul Hardcastle VII
19 February 2013
Mri --Red-- ( RMRI )
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