Oh Land: Earth Slick CD 2015 EARTH SICK. Includes 'Favor Friends,' 'Earth Sick', 'Nothing Is Over

2015 release, the fourth album from Danish-born/New York based singer/songwriter Nanna Øland Fabricius AKA Oh Land. EARTH SICK was originally crowd-funded and recorded in Oh Land's Brooklyn apartment. The album is a mixture of sophisticated electro-pop and thought provoking songwriting. Oh Land created tracks using samples from her everyday life, mixed with string quartet recordings, fashioning a unique sound to EARTH SICK. Includes 'Favor Friends,' 'Earth Sick', 'Nothing Is Over,' and more.


Oh Land
Earth Sick
17 February 2015
~ Discs:1
Tusk or Tooth Record ( BP46 )
Compact Disc
17 February 2015

Track Listing

  Track # Title
1 Machine
2 Favor Friends
3 Head Up High
4 Earth Sick
5 Nothing Is Over
6 Doubt My Legs
7 Half Hero
8 Daylight
9 Hot 'N' Bothered
10 Little Things
11 Flags
12 No Particular Order
13 Trailblazer



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