The Doobie Brothers: Live At The Wolf Trap 2004 Remastered (Blu-ray) 2013 DTS-HD Master Audio VERY RARE

Blu-Ray pressing. Remastered archive release from the legendary Classic Rock band. Captured live on July 25th, 2004 at Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts in Virginia, Live At Wolf Trap captures The Doobie Brothers in fine form on a set that mixes classic hits with some rarely performed tracks from across their extensive catalog. 

The Doobie Brothers' first concert video made specifically for DVD is an immaculately produced project that should satisfy the band's Tom Johnston-era fans. Recorded during a single show at the titular venue on July 25, 2004, the two founders -- guitarist/vocalist/songwriters Johnston and Patrick Simmons -- along with longtime members drummer Michael Hossack and Keith Knudsen (who passed away just six months later in February 2005) and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist John McFee, are joined by a three-piece horn section, veteran bassist Skylark, and a percussionist and keyboard player. The sound is exemplary though, and as Johnston remarks in the extensive interview footage, he's convinced the band has never played better. The group roars through its boogie-heavy, predominantly non-Michael McDonald two-hour repertoire ("Taking It to the Streets" is the only entry from the McDonald era) with energy and professionalism and genuinely seems to be enjoying the proceedings. In one of the more creative aspects of the disc, interactive interview links during the songs flip the viewer to the tune's writer discussing its origins.d-Blu Ray


Doobie Brothers
Live at Wolf Trap
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4 June 2013
The Doobie Brothers
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4 June 2013
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The Doobie Brothers
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