Skyzoo: Music For My Friends CD 2015 Features: Jadakiss, Black Thought (of The Roots), Bilal, Jahlil Beats, Apollo Brown, and Others 06-23-15 Release Date

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Skyzoo is a staple in the hip hop world and on the heels of the successful collaborative album, Barrel Brothers, last year with Torae, Skyzoo returns with his 2015 solo project. Music For My Friends continues in the lineage of elite lyricism, vivid storytelling and open book honesty that Skyzoo is known for. The album features the likes of Jadakiss, Black Thought (of The Roots), Bilal, Jahlil Beats, Apollo Brown, and others. It is sure to be everything that his core audience has been waiting for.


Music for My Friends
Rap & Hip-Hop
Rap - Rap / Hip Hop
23 June 2015
First Generation ( BX86 )
Compact Disc

Track Listing

  Track # Title
1 All Day, Always - Produced by Antman Wonder
2 Suicide Doors - Produced by Marcnfinit
3 The Moments That Matter (Feat. Kay Cola) - Prod. Jahlil Beats
4 Luxury (Feat. Westside Gunn) - Produced by Skyzoo
5 Everything's for Sale - Produced by !llmind
6 See a Key (Ki') (Feat. Jadakiss) - Produced by Thelonious Martin
7 Money Makes Us Happy (Feat. Black Thought & Bilal) - Prod the Rvlt
8 Playing Favorites (Feat. Christon Gray) - Produced by !llmind
9 Meadow of Trust (Feat. Saba) - Produced by Black Metaphor
10 Women Who Can Cook - Produced by Thelonious Martin
11 Civilized Leisure (Feat. Mozaic) - Produced by !llmind
12 The Experience - Produced by Marcnfinit
13 Asking Bodie for a Package (Feat. Skarr Akbar) - Produced by !llmind
14 Things I Should'Ve Told My Friends - Produced by Apollo Brown
15 Sweet Pursuit (Feat. Kay Cola) - Produced by Seige Monstracity
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