Metric: Pagans In Vegas CD 2015 09-18-15 Release Date

2015 release, the sixth full-length album from Canadian rock band Metric. In an effort to translate the gratifying experience of discovering an artist you love, Metric has packed the album with reverent references to artists who've inspired them, from Depeche Mode to Joy Division and Underworld. Pagans in Vegas will be the first of two new albums from Metric, with the second expected in 2016. Their time spent writing in 2014 - Shaw at his studio in Toronto, delving into the CS80 synth and Haines with acoustic instruments in Nicaragua and Spain - yielded an unprecedented amount of material that revealed itself across at least two major musical veins. Realizing they had composed enough music for two very different albums, they decided to let each collection of songs stand on their own.


    Pagans in Vegas
    18 September 2015
    ~ Discs:1
    Metric Music International ( MTIZ )
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