Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (Blu-Ray+DVD) 2004 Documusic Release Date: 11/24/2014

Reissue of this 2004 documentary film from the Heavy Metal maestros. In SOME KIND OF MONSTER, Metallica is forced to examine their nature and their very existence as bassist Jason Newsted quits the band and front man James Hetfield abruptly leaves the group to enter a rehabilitation facility due to alcohol abuse.

Metallica's management Q-Prime hires 'performance-enhancing coach' Phil Towle to help the group better understand one another as friends, band mates, and human beings. The movie features interviews, rehearsal and concert footage of the band. It also features the audition process as the band searches for a new bassist. Well received by critics and fans, SOME KIND OF MONSTER won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Documentary Feature. This edition also includes deleted scenes, footage from film festivals and official unveilings, music videos, and more.



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