Men Without Hats: Again, Pt. 2 CD 2022 Release Date: 3/18/2022


Fresh off the success of "Again, PT 1" EP, which was the bands tribute to some of their Favourite bands and songs comes

the first all original album of Men Without Hats songs in 10 years Men Without Hats- Again, PT 2! Led by original founding members Ivan and Colin Doroschuk, Men Without Hats have been rounded out since 2016 by industry veteran Sho Murray. The themes explored on "Again, Pt. 2" reflect the band's unique take on current affairs ("If the World Should End Today," "The Human Race"), love ("All Into Stars," "The Love Inside your Heart," "When Does The Love Begin"), the meaning of life ("Just Another Day," "Nancy's Room," "Where The Wild Go"), and the state of the art ("My Love," "Heaven," "My Own Advice"). 

With a mixture of the latest digital technology and the best of the analog world (including an actual prophet 5 synthesizer that was used during The Safety Dance recording session), Men Without Hats continue their voyage into the world of synth-pop, with a sound forged in the past and hardened by their life experience and commitment to the future. For the past 10 years, Men Without Hats have toured the world with the cream of 80's royalty, playing for crowds in North and South America, Europe, Scandinavia, Jamaica, Australia, Mexico & South Africa, in fact reaching even more people and places than the first time around.  Their crossover sound and message is resonating with a new generation of fans eager to understand and appreciate the 80's influences in their own current brand of pop. In conjunction with their 40th anniversary, Men Without Hats have had two of their songs - The Safety Dance and Pop Goes The World - inducted into the Canadian Songwriter's Hall of Fame. 2022, Is the 40th Anniversary of the "Rhythm Of Youth" album and their plan is to tour Canada, The U.S., Britain and Europe


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