Melissa Etheridge: The Road Less Traveled Deluxe CD/DVD Edition 2005

This Deluxe Edition of Melissa's Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled include the CD as well as a DVD with a 74 minute main program containing newly recorded compelling and exclusive interviews with Melissa Etheridge talking about how the CD came together while she was recovering from her treatments and had time to listen to her albums.

What the songs are about and what inspired her to make them, videos of many of those songs and other important topics. Also included as bonus material are rare performances from around the world, a trivia game, a discography and visuals of lyrics in Melissa's own handwriting. Island. 2005.


Melissa Etheridge
Greatest Hits
Rock / Pop
18 October 2005
Island ( PISL )
Compact Disc
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Track Listing

  Track # Title
1 Disc: 1
2 Refugee
3 Similar Features
4 Like the Way I Do
5 Bring Me Some Water
6 You Can Sleep While I Drive
7 No Souvenirs
8 Ain't It Heavy
9 I'M the Only One
10 Come to My Window
11 If I Wanted to
12 I Want to Come Over
13 Angels Would Fall
14 Lucky
15 Christmas in America
16 Piece of My Heart
17 This Is Not Goodbye
18 I Run for Life
19 Disc: 2 (DVD)
20 Similar Features
21 Like the Way I Do
22 Bring Me Some Water
23 You Can Sleep While I Drive
24 No Souvenirs
25 Ain't It Heavy
26 I'M the Only One
27 Come to My Window
28 If I Wanted to
29 I Want to Come Over
30 Angels Would Fall
31 Refugee



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