Mediterreanean Nights: Azure Radouane Chihaby CD 2010 Spanish Guitar

Born in Casablanca, Morocco Radouane Chihaby grew up in a lively and vibrant music culture. The incredible passion and joy of the Mediterranean music of Morocco is a fusion of Arabic, Spanish, French and Greek musical influences fueled by centuries of trade between the Mediterranean's dynamic and rich cultures.

The North African music scene is inseparable from it's Mediterranean neighbors from whom it shares a rich history of melodic decadence. Radouane heard the rhythms and beats that would be a soundtrack to his life on every Casablancan beach and in every well-traveled coffee shop, but it was not until his mid-teens that he was introduced to the guitar and began to play. Largely self-taught - he would play, western pop, rock, blues and jazz, with family and friends. Later he would hear a Spanish guitar solo on a Casablancan beach and he had an epiphany.


Mediterranean Nights
World Music / International
12 October 2010
~ Discs:1
Compact Disc
12 October 2010

Track Listing

  Track # Title
1 A La Vida
2 I Want to Forget You
3 Iris
4 Espa a Ca I
5 Dragieva Cheshma
6 Cyprus Sunset
7 The Old Tavern
8 Nights on the Mediterranean
9 Unrequited Love
10 Echoes of the East
11 Nostalgia
# Title


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