In 1986 master trumpeter Freddie Hubbard was on stage at the "Fabrik" as a guest performer joining the trio of one of the leading pianists of contemporary jazz: McCoy Tyner, whose extremely powerful touch always added a highly energized percussive quality to his virtuous performance.

McCoy Tyner passed away in March 2020. The recordings from 1986 (he was 58 back then) show him at the summit of his fame as master of an unique expressiveness that characterized him as an artist. His performance on the piano and the exceptional charisma of Hubbard's trumpet (same year of birth as Tyner (1938) but already deceased in 2008) stand out, but also bassist Avery Sharpe, born in 1954 and a master on acoustic as well as electric guitar, as well as Louis Hayes, who until today in his eighties is one of the most resilient modern percussionists, leave their mark on the tracks of two CDs documenting one of the absolute concert highlights of this epoch.