Wayne Shorter: Live At The Detroit Jazz Festival 2017 (2 LP) 2022 Release Date: 12/2/2022

This recording is going to be really important. With the mixture of people – male and female, varying ethnicities and backgrounds - sometimes we did things that sound larger than the four of us, with more of an orchestral approach. The record we made in honoring Geri Allen also honors the people’s death from the “damnpemic” to Ukraine.

And if there are things going on in the recording that can be heard by people to the extent that it can turn some thoughts around about life and culture, then the more people who hear it may recognize that we are all different - and the same. People like to carry titles through life…. “the conductor,“ “the CEO,” “the composer,” etc…. I think that people’s station in life, whether a band leader or a side person, has nothing to do with what we have to do right now. People are managing to get things out into the world, like musicians and doctors and physicists. This record is another indication of that. It doesn’t exist in a vacuum by itself, just to be sold in a record store. We are trying to crack the ceiling in some way. All the music has something to do with becoming more human, not becoming a great musician. - Wayne Shorter I am beyond thrilled that this special concert at the Detroit Jazz Festival in 2017 was captured and is now being shared with listeners around the world. I’ve played with Wayne Shorter since I was 21 years old and he is my musical and spiritual mentor. I’ve also played much over the last decade with the my sister, esperanza spalding, as well as Leo Genovese, both incredibly talented musicians. So even though this band came together just for the one concert, there was a beautiful familiarity between us that contributed to the magic we felt that evening. We rehearsed some themes earlier that day, but the preparation was really from our lives and profound experiences with each other. For repertoire, we played Wayne’s music, as well as compositions by Milton Nascimento and Geri Allen, whose untimely passing made it impossible for her to join us that evening as scheduled. We hope that you find inspiration and enjoyment while listening, as we did while playing. - Terri Lyne

VINYL Side A 01. Someplace Called “Where” Side B 01. Endangered Species Side C 01. Encontros e Despedidas 02. Drummers Song Side D 01. Midnight In Carlotta’s Hair 02. The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (A Conversation)


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