Lady Antebellum: Own the Night Tour 2011 DVD 2012 16:9 DTS 5.1

By the time Lady Antebellum swept the 2011 Grammy Awards they had sold millions of records, had No. 1 hits, and earned countless awards. Other than awards shows and television appearances, the world had not yet seen the trio's music come to life on stage. Until then they had opened for the industry's biggest superstars, and now it was time to step out on their own. Not only did they own the night, they owned over 100 of them across 11 countries in front of more than 1 million fans.  

The concept for the stage was simply sketched out on a paper plate while out on tour the summer of 2011, but evolved into a massive musical playground to showcase Lady A's  exuberant talent. They dreamed big, but couldn't fathom what was about to happen to them. Before taking the show overseas, Lady Antebellum celebrated the final weekend of the North American leg by documenting the show from Little Rock, AR and telling their humble perspective of becoming international touring superstars. Among the performances are documentary excerpts depicting their lives as songwriters, musicians, and most importantly...close friends.

Concert is over an hour and 30 minutes (1:34.18).

The blu-ray concert contains songs, along with briefs or very short stories or mini-documentaries.

Here's the set list.

1. Intro

2. We Owned The Night

3. Stars Tonight

4. The Road To Here - a brief of when they were starting out

5. Love Don't Live Here

6. The Red Piano - choosing the right shade of red for the piano

7. Just A Kiss

8. Rebuilding Through Music - helping the folks of Henryville

9. Dancin' Away With My Heart

10. From The Ground Up - a brief on putting on a show and their crew

11. Our Kind Of Love

12. Touring The World - a look at their European tour

13. Perfect Day

14. Club LaBellum - fans and a quick look into their lives

15. American Honey

16. Coming Full Circle - part of a jam session

17. Hello World

18. Evolution Of A Song - their childhood musical influences & songwriting

19. Wanted You More

20. Connection With The Fans - more fan appreciation

21. I Run To You

22. Lookin' For A Good Time

23. The Next Chapter - hoping and planning for more success

24. Need You Now

25. We Owned The Night (Credits) - audio of song plays while showing only credits

The briefs or short stories offer a quick window or glimpse into Lady Antebellum. The only recommendation I would make is to have an option to play only the concert, without the briefs.

Bonus Tracks include five songs.

1. Good Life - actually a jam session

2. Love's Lookin' Good On You

3. Love This Pain

4. Sweet Emotion

5. Black Water (featuring Darius Rucker & the Thompson Square duo) - Love Darius Rucker. Wish they would have played the whole song and minimized the narration which cut into the song.

Other bonus features

1. What Goes Down Doesn't Always Come Up

2. What Happens Backstage

On the cover of the blu-ray, from left to right, are Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood. 


Lady Antebellum
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4 December 2012
Lady Antebellum
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4 December 2012
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Lady Antebellum
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