King Crimson: Neal and Jack and Me Two Live Concerts Japan & Europe Tour 1980 DVD 2004 Release Date 8/31/04

These two concerts offer different and contrasting snapshots of the '80's Crimson. "Live in Frejus" heavily features music from the album "Beat," and was filmed on tour in Europe with Roxy Music while "Three of a Perfect Pair" was recorded live in Japan.  

Neal and Jack and Me resurrects two stellar and long out-of-print King Crimson videos, Three of a Perfect Pair: Live in Japan 1984 and The Noise: Live in Frejus 1982, lacing them with a few tasty extras, including a video clip for "Sleepless." Crimson's 1980s lineup--Adrian BelewRobert FrippTony Levin, and Bill Bruford--is for many fans the quintessential incarnation of Fripp's still-evolving cast of virtuosic characters. In both shows, these artists embody all that's great in progressive music: instrumental prowess, yes, but also deft interplay, daring improvisation, and a synthesis of unique musical visions into something far greater than the considerable sum of its parts.

The Frejus show was filmed, while the Japan show was videotaped. Picture quality isn't great, but the DVD improves on the contrast and color vibrancy of the original releases. Likewise, sound quality is adequate: neither exemplary nor substandard. It's all about the music. Note: The version of Three of a Perfect Pair: Live in Japan 1984 included on this release is that of the 1991 reissue, which has a slightly different running order than the original 1984 release and omits the song "Discipline." -


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