Joss Stone: Water For Your Soul CD 2015 07-31-15 Release Date

Joss Stone-Water for Your Soul
2015 release from the soulful British singer/songwriter. Water For Your Soul is a culmination in Joss Stone's travels in sound, demonstrating how the teen soul prodigy has blossomed into an artist of style and substance. This is an album that pulses with the liquid groove of reggae, dazzles with the mix and match sonic adventure of hip hop, shimmers with the exotic sounds of world music and delivers the emotional belt of R&. Most of the songs for Water For Your Soul had been written and demoed before Joss's Total World Tour began but widening horizons convinced her to completely rethink and recut the record. The sound expanded to include Indian tabla, Bengali lute, Bansuri flute, African and Asian percussion, plus gospel choirs, New Orleans horns and full orchestra. After various experiments, abandoned and revisited sessions, the final album was more or less completed in a 10 day frenzy, with strings being recorded in London, percussion in Hawaii and Joss pulling it together at her own Home Grown Studios in Devon.


    Joss Stone
    Water for Your Soul
    31 July 2015
    ~ Discs:1
    Stone'D Records Ltd ( CA11 )
    Compact Disc
    D: CD

    Track Listing

      Track # Title
    1 Love Me
    2 This Ain't Love
    3 Stuck on You
    4 Star
    5 Let Me Breathe
    6 Cut the Line
    7 Wake Up
    8 Way Oh
    9 Underworld
    10 Molly Town
    11 Sensimilla
    12 Harry's Symphony
    13 Clean Water
    14 The Answer
    # Title




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