John Coltrane: Afro Blue Impressions Live Show 1963 2 CD Edition Digitally Remastered 2013

Digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition of this 1963 live show by the Jazz great which was not officially released in 1977. Coltrane fronts a stellar quartet on both European dates that includes McCoy Tyner on piano, Jimmy Garrison on bass, and Elvin Jones on drums.  Clip below is for Audio Sample only this is CD-no video

In addition to the nine tracks that appeared in the original Afro Blue Impressions double album, the reissue also includes three bonus tracks from a Stockholm date.

When you compare and contrast the performance of a composition that was released on the original album to a different performance of the same composition from among the bonus tracks, says Afro Blue Impressions reissue producer Nick Phillips, it perfectly illustrates just how restlessly creative Coltrane and his band were. Each song was a springboard for unpredictable improvisation and boundless creativity.

Track Listing

  Track # Title
1. 1 Lonnie S Lament
1. 2 Naima
1. 3 Chasin the Trane
1. 4 My Favorite Things
1. 5 Afro Blue
1. 6 Cousin Mary
2. 1 I Want to Talk About You
2. 2 Spiritual
2. 3 Impressions
2. 4 Naima [*]
2. 5 I Want to Talk About You [*]
2. 6 My Favorite Things [*]

Product Reviews

The recordings that make up Afro Blue Impressions were acquired by jazz impresario/auteur Norman Granz during the tours he produced for many jazz artists during the 1960s, though they weren't issued until 1973. Recorded at shows in Berlin and Stockholm, the John Coltrane Quartet -- with pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Jimmy Garrison, and drummer Elvin Jones -- is in tremendous form here, using a familiar repertoire in order to expand upon the group's own building blocks in creating the new post-harmonic system that the saxophonist was developing. This is evident almost immediately in the first few minutes of opening number "Lonnie's Lament," where Coltrane begins reaching with his arpeggios to notes that aren't even on the horn in his frenetic solo and his duet with Jones. That said, there is enough of the quartet's own engagement with the tune's original architecture to satisfy all but the most conservative of Coltrane listeners. The brilliant razor-sharp focus on restraint and lyricism applied in "Naima" reveals Tyner utilizing numerous subtly shaded chord voicings to prod Coltrane's tender lyric exploration of the melody. Of course, the 21-minute version of "My Favorite Things" points directly at the territories the quartet would explore on the forthcoming albums Crescent and A Love Supreme and, in its most adventurous moments, somewhere beyond them. Tyner's arpeggios and ostinatos are sharp and fleet here, responding to Jones' driving snare and cymbals. Coltrane's soprano moves between blues, Dorian modes, and even Eastern scalar articulations in his solo. "Afro Blue" is a rhythm collision, where mode gives way to some of Trane's most angular soprano playing, pushing the limits of the instrument and his own dexterity to near breaking points. As the two long set-closers -- "Spiritual" and "Impressions" -- reveal, the group was not yet finished with more formal structures. They push at them, but still engage conventional ideas of harmony even as modes and meta scales dominate. Ample evidence can be found in the moaning gospel overtones of the former, which bring out the deep blues in Tyner's solo, and in Coltrane's knotty bop head, which commences the latter in advance of his manic, wildly imaginative solo. Afro Blue Impressions is the sound of one of the greatest -- albeit short-lived -- quartets in jazz history completely coming into its own in concert. [The 40th anniversary edition commemorates not only the release of the record, but also the 50th birthday of the concerts. The double-disc package has been completely remastered in 24-bit sound, and expanded to include three more selections from the Stockholm performance: "Naima" and "I Want to Talk About You," which appeared on Pablo's European Tour release, and an additional version of "My Favorite Things" that was previously issued on Live Trane: The European Tours. In addition to Benny Green's tempered original liner essay is a new set of notes by British critic Neil Tesser.] ~ Thom Jurek, Rovi


John Coltrane
Afro Blue Impression
20 August 2013
2 CD ~ Discs:2 ~ Country:USA
Umgd/Fantasy/Pablo ( PA23 )
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