Jazz & The Philharmonic: Jazz Roots Concert Series 2013 Deluxe Edition CD/DVD 2014 PBS Special


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Deluxe CD/DVD Edition. The search for the intersection of the world's greatest musical art forms, classical and jazz, has been attempted many times by many great musicians and composers from Stravinsky to Gershwin, Bernstein to Cage and Goodman to Yo-Yo Ma. Finally, this melding of both genres has been accomplished with the star-studded concert from award-winning producer Larry Rosen, Jazz and the Philharmonic.

The show was shot as part of the Jazz Roots concert series in Miami January 2013 and will air as a national, primetime broadcast on PBS on February 28, 2014. Jazz and the Philharmonic, a CD plus DVD set, features world-class, award-winning stars in both jazz and classical music genres, exploring the music of composers Bach, Strauss, Copland, Rodrigo, Gershwin, Mancini, Grusin, Corea and McFerrin. 

Track Listing

  Track # Title
1 Autumn Leaves
2 Fugue in C Minor
3 Spanish Suite
4 Simple Gifts
5 Mountain Dance
6 Soloings 1
7 The Man I Love
8 Solfeggietto
9 Charade


Jazz & the Philharmonic
Jazz & the Philharmonic
Classical & Opera
Classical Artists
25 February 2014
INCL. DVD ~ Discs:2
Sbme/Masterworks ( MBWY )
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