James Brown: Live At The Boston Garden 1968 DVD 2009 Dolby Digital Stereo

This DVD features the actual April 5, 1968 concert James Brown gave at the Boston Garden on the day following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. American cities were already on fire, and the mayor of Boston considered canceling the performance that evening.  

A deal was brokered for Brown's show to be shot by Boston public TV station WGBH and broadcast live to the whole city. James Brown gave the performance of his life. Also included is bonus audio from the radio simulcast of the concert.


  1. Get It Together
  2. There Was a Time
  3. I Got That Feeling
  4. It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World
  5. Lost Someone
  6. Bewildered
  7. When a man loves a woman
  8. Tell Mama
  9. Check yourself
  10. Chain of fools
  11. I heard it thru the grapevine
  12. James Brown & Mayor Kevin White speak
  13. That’s Life
  14. Kansas City
  15. Soul Man (Bobby Byrd)
  16. I Got That Feeling
  17. Try Me
  18. Cold Sweat
  19. It May Be the Last Time
  20. I Got You
  21. Feel Good
  22. Please please me
  23. Can’t Stand It
Product Reviews

Live at the Boston Garden: 1968 is a most extraordinary DVD -- indeed, unique is the only way to describe its contents, and that only partly because of the exceptional performance by James Brown. Preserved from a black-and-white videotape made at the show on April 5, 1968, the performance took place 24 hours after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had been murdered; evidently the city had considered asking that performance be canceled, until it was pointed out that this might create even more risk of violence. The show went on, and was videotaped for broadcast, and here it is, courtesy of some anonymous bootlegger or other. Anyone who remembers Brown's performance from That Was Rock will love this disc -- he's at least twice as animated, and performs for well over an hour. The cameras move around across a lot of angles, and there are shots of the band (especially the saxmen) and the backup dancers, but mostly you get Brown somewhere in the shot, center stage, in the foreground, the background, somewhere.

Marva Whitney does a handful of songs, and Bobby Byrd gets one song, but otherwise the show is Brown's and in some unexpected ways. At about 105 minutes in, the dozens of audience members suddenly charge the stage, and a phalanx of police suddenly come on-stage, ready to close the show and clear the hall. Brown appeals for order and starts lecturing the crowd, reminding them that the eyes of the world are on all of them and the people charging the stage are giving all of them a bad name. After a stand-off in which the police are ready to move, Brown calms the cops and the crowd, the stage is cleared, and he resumes the performance. Getting back to the music, each song -- and all of the best ones are here -- gets a chapter marker, and the disc opens on a pretty simple menu. The sound is a bit compressed but clean. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi


James Brown
Live at the Boston Garden: April 5 1968
Music Video & Concerts, R&B & Soul
Soul / R & B, Music Video (Concert / Performance)
27 January 2009
James Brown
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27 January 2009
1: USA, Canada
Dolby Digital Stereo, English
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James Brown
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