Jackson Browne: I'll Do Anything Live In Concert 2012 DVD 2013 16:9 DTS 5.1

Filmed during his 2012 tour, Jackson Browne's live in concert DVD, I'll Do Anything, includes 16 songs culled from his entire body of work. The performance also features Val McCallum, Fritz Lewak, Sara Watkins, Sean Watkins and Tyler Chester. Includes 'Running On Empty', 'The Pretender', 'The Naked Ride Home', 'Take It Easy' and more 

Jackson Browne-I’ll Do Anything: Live In Concert DVD track listing:
1.Black And White - 7:14
2.I'm Alive - 5:40
3.Farther On - 5:18
4.The Naked Ride Home - 8:06
5.Live Nude Cabaret - 4:34
6.Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate - 2:35
7.The Pretender - 7:01
8.A Child In These Hills - 6:02
9.Tokyo Girl - 4:54
10.These Days - 6:29
11.In The Shape Of A Heart - 6:32
12.The Late Show - 6:26
13.I'll Do Anything - 6:18
14.Running On Empty - 6:15
15.Take It Easy - 5:28
16.Rock Me On The Water - 6:01
17.Before The Deluge - 10:00
Total Running Time: 1 hour, 45 mins

Artist: Jackson Browne    
Title: I'Ll Do Anything: Jackson Browne Live in Concert 
Genre: Music Video & Concerts, Rock   
Sub-Genre: Rock / Pop, Music Video (Concert / Performance)    
Release Date: 18-Jun-13    
Rated: Unknown    
Product Type: DVD Disc    
Configuration: DVD Disc   
Street Date: 18-Jun-13    
Region: A: Americas, E Asia    
Disc Info: Discs:1 ~ Format:DVD ~ Region:A ~ Country:Usa    

I'll Do Anything captured Browne and band in performance on November 14, 2012 at the Paramount Theater in  Denver, Colorado.  The title may not simply reference one of the tunes in Browne's career spanning set list, it may  actually indicate his frame of mind during the concert, as he seems rather loose and ready to take on whatever comes  to mind—as evidenced by "Rock Me On The Water", the inclusion of which seems (but may not actually be) like a  spur of the moment decision.  Browne still has instrumental chops galore, even if both his guitar playing and piano work  tend to be fairly basic and minimalist.  



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