David Foster: Hit Man David Foster And Friends 2009 [Blu-ray] 2009 DTS-HD Master Audio

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This Blu-ray edition of Hit Man: David Foster & Friends boasts an instantly attractive 1080i/AVC-encoded 16x9 Widesreen transfer that wrangles both the vivid colors of Foster's stage lights and the dark recesses of the Mandalay Bay Events Center with relative ease.

The disc's stunning palette is typical of a commendable high definition concert release -- skintones are perfectly healthy and nicely saturated, blacks are impeccably inky, and contrast is comfortably stark and detail is just as impressive.

Talk about humble marketing. While the back coverart and disc menu simply make note of a "5.1 Surround" option, the Blu-ray edition of David Foster & Friends actually boasts a lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track. Seeing as the audio package is the most important aspect of any live concert release, this should come as a fantastic bit of news to Foster fans everywhere.

But how does it sound? In short, lively, precise, and robust. Singing and speaking voices are perfectly prioritized amidst the concert's various orchestral arrangements, piano riffs, and percussion crashes. While the front channels dominate the mix for the most part, realistic acoustic flourishes and subtle ambience create a readily immersive soundfield that invites the listener into the audience. LFE support is strong and aggressive as well, imbuing the songs with sonic weight and presence. Likewise, dynamics are spot on, elevating each musical selection with stable treble pitches (just listen to those trumpets), rumbling bass thooms (the bass guitars sound magnificent), and rich, flawless midtones (the strings practically sing). As it stands, Warner's DTS-HD Master Audio track matches the already-stirring performance note for note. 

Included on the Blu-ray:  


1. Andre Agassi Intro

2. St. Elmo's Love Theme - David Foster and Kenny G

3. Can't Help Falling in Love - David Foster

4. She's a Beauty/Man in Motion - Michael Johns

5. Mornin'/After the Love has Gone - Brian McKnight

6. Barbra Streisand Video

7. Somewhere - Katherine McPhee

8. Through the Fire - Renee Olstead

9. Got to Be Real - Cheryl Lynn

10. Wildflower - Blake Shelton

11. Urban Cowboy Video

12. Love Look What You've Done - Boz Scaggs

13. Jo Jo - Boz Scaggs

14. Chocolate Legs - Eric Benet

15. Hard to Say I'm Sorry/You're the Inspiration/Glory of Love - Peter Cetera

16. Amapola - Andrea Bocelli

17. Because We Believe - Andrea Bocelli

18. The Prayer - Andrea Bocelli and Katherine McPhee  


1. David Foster Intro

2. Asturias - William Joseph

3. Because You Loved Me - Céline Dion and David Foster Music Video

4. I Swear - Kevon and Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds

5. Feeling Good - Michael Bublé

6. Home - Michael Bublé and Blake Shelton

7. Save the Last Dance - Michael Bublé

8. Bodyguard Video with Kevin Costner

9. I Have Nothing/I Will Always Love You - Charice

10. Alla Luce del Sole - Josh Groban

11. Bridge Over Troubled Water - Josh Groban

12. You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban

13. Got to Be Real - All

14. Closing Words and Farewell




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