Herbie Hancock: Warner Bros Years (1969-1972) 3 CD Deluxe Edition 2014

2014 three CD collection. Mixing Jazz improvisation with intrepid experiments in studio sound, Herbie took Jazz Fusion up into the stratosphere with his electric sextet starting in '69. Here are his LPs FAT ALBERT ROTUNDA, MWANDISHI and CROSSINGS plus bonus singles and promotional recordings. Deeply funky grooves and ground-breaking sonic adventures abound across songs like 'Jessica', 'Wiggle-Waggle', 'Fat Albert Rotunda', 'You'll Know When You Get There' and more including mono versions, special edits and more! Rhino.


Herbie Hancock
Warner Bros Years (1969-1972)
5 August 2014
~ Discs:3
Wea/Warner Bros. ( WAR )
Compact Disc

Track Listing

  Track # Title
1 Wiggle Waggle
2 Fat Mama
3 Tell Me a Bedtime Story
4 Oh! Oh! Here He Comes
5 Jessica
6 Fat Albert Rotunda
7 Lil' Brother
8 Wiggle Waggle (Mono)
9 Fat Mama (Mono)
10 Ostinato (Suite for Angela)
11 You'Ll Know when You Get There
12 Wandering Spirit Song
13 Sleeping Giant
14 Quasar
15 Water Torture
16 Crossings
17 Water Torture (Stereo - Warner Bros. Single 7598)




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