Henry Mancini: Music From Peter Gunn (1958-1961) CD 2014 Easy Listening

Peter Gunn - the classic TV detective series (1958-61) - is probably best remembered today thanks to Henry Mancini's trendsetting score inspired by the West Coast Cool jazz style. In MUSIC FOR PETER GUNN, Grammy-nominated conductor Steven Richman and the sensational Harmonie Ensemble/New York (joined by ace old-school improvisers Lew Soloff and Lew Tabackin), place their own stamp on Mancini's iconic orchestrations. MUSIC FOR PETER GUNN follows in the footsteps of Richman's and Harmonie Ensemble's previous releases GERSHWIN BY GROTE (2010) - which landed on the Billboard charts in the Top Ten - and ELLINGTON/TCHAIKOVSKY NUTCRACKER SUITES (2013), of which Downbeat noted that, ''Richman elicits enthralling music from the large ensemble.''


Henry Mancini
Music From Peter Gunn
Easy Listening
12 August 2014
~ Discs:1 ~ Country:USA
Harmonia Mundi (Fra) ( HAM )
Compact Disc

Track Listing

  Track # Title
1 Peter Gunn Theme
2 Sorta Blue
3 The Brothers Go to Mother's
4 Dreamsville
5 Session at Pete's Pad
6 Soft Sounds
7 Fallout
8 The Floater
9 Slow and Easy
10 A Profound Gass
11 Brief and Breezy
12 My Manne Shelley
13 Blue Steel
14 Blues for Mother's
15 Spook
16 Peter Gunn Theme (Reprise)



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