Freddie Hubbard: Red Clay 1970 (Holland Import) (CD) 2020 Release Date: 9/18/2020


CD reissue. This is the sequential classic of Freddie Hubbard's catalog. Bandmates on this musical journey are Herbie Hancock on Fender Rhodes, Ron Carter on electric and acoustic bass, Lenny White on drums & Joe Henderson on tenor sax & alto flute. 

'Red Clay' is accessible, grooving and one of the first fusions of R&B & Funk with Post-Bop. "Red Clay" sprung from his memories of his childhood in Indianapolis, noting that many of the neighborhood's residents had come from the deep South, and he wanted the tune to evoke images of that southern red clay. This album definitely falls into line with the other great fusion of that period; Miles Davis's 'Bitches Brew.' The title lead off track has become a standard piece most notably for being sampled by hip hop artists A Tribe Called Quest.


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