Essence: DPA-440 Class D Amp 220 Watts x 2 .003 THD @ 4 OHMS Free Shipping USA


Essence DPA-440 Black low res

Essence DPA-440 Class D Amp



Digital Power Amp by Essence


Audiophile speakers like electrostats and difficult to drive high performance towers perform best with ultra-clean high power amps that can handle low impedance loads. If you’ve been dreaming about hearing the uncompressed dynamic range of live concerts on Blu-ray and Hi Res Audio downloads of studio master recordings, you’re going to need more power to take you there.  Remember, to hear clean un-clipped sound 3 dB louder than the amp you have now, you’ll need to double your current power output.

Now is the time increase your amp’s output power with the 90% efficient Essence DPA-440 Class D Digital Power Amp.  Better sound, better economics, and an eco-friendly design for modern thinking people.

Fast Facts:

  • 220 watts x 2 @ 4 ohms
  • Outperforms amps costing up to 5x more
  • .003% THD+N
  • Made in the USA
  • Cool Class D operation-90% Efficient
  • Available in Black or Silver
  • 3 dB Dynamic Headroom
  • 12″ W x 3.5″ H x 12.5″ D

 AC Voltage Select * 120v @ 60 Hz 230v @ 50 Hz

Product Description

Clean Class D Power For Hi Res Audio 

Why are Class A and AB amps so expensive? The simple truth is,they convert electricity into watts with less efficiency.  The lower the efficiency, the more heat the amp produces.  The chart below vividly explains; Class A amps are 20% efficient, Class AB amps are 50% efficient.  Both designs create more heat than power to drive your speakers.  Since heat is the enemy of solid state devices, these amps must employ ways to get rid of it.

Audiophiles hate fans because they are noisy so manufacturers of Class A and AB amps are forced to use a lot of heat sink surface area to  pull the heat away from the amp.  The surface area requirement leads to a huge chassis to house the heat sinks and transformer. The cost of the materials to make the chassis to house all this heat sink is by far the biggest factor in why these amps cost so much today, its the packaging, not the transistors or circuit boards.  Class D amps are 90% efficient so they dont need as much heat sink or the big chassis to house them, leading to lower costs for consumers per watt.  Further, Class D amps now sound better than the old fashioned Class A and AB amps we grew up with, they have lower distortion and noise and handle difficult loads better, with more slam and an ease of operation as they produce prodigious output for a lot less money.

Hi Res Audio brings us all the emotion of a live performance at home as never before with uncompressed 24/96-192K Blu-ray Concerts, Pure Audio Essence DPA-440 Silver low resDiscs, SACD/DVD-A, and Hi Res Downloads for the most unveiled sound and transparency in audio history. Class D is swiftly taking over the audiophile market, the only people still complaining about how they sound are the manufacturers who still make the Class A vacuum tube and Class AB solid state amps from the last century.  In a world getting hotter by the year, its really past the time to indulge in fantasies and rationalizations about which type of amp class sounds best.

With Class D you get 66% more output power for 1/3rd the price and lower your audio system’s power consumption by more than 50%, lowering your electricity bill as well.  In the chart below, note that the Class A amps use up the most electricity because they are on at full output all the time, yet 80% of that electricity is thrown away as heat.  


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