Edith Piaf:Passon De La Vie CD 2002 French Icon Vocalist Edith Piaf (1915-1963)

    Celebrated singer & French icon Edith Piaf had a matchless talent for storytelling in her music. Her glorious voice, penchant for drama, and understanding of passion are on full display in this vintage Arkadia Chansons collection of melodic vignettes about life in Paris entitled, Edith Piaf: Passion de la Vie. By 1930, Edith Piaf (1915-1963) was discovered by club owner Louis Leplee, who bestowed Piaf with the nickname La Môme Piaf (The little sparrow or waif sparrow). With Leplee's help, she began singing in Parisian clubs, impressing audiences with the commanding vocals that became the hallmark of her storied career. She soon was headlining European festivals, starring in movies, and recording hit albums. She became equally adored by American audiences, performing regularly in New York. Furthermore, she also became known for her dramatic relationships, which included celebrities such as boxer Marcel Cerdan, Jacque Pills, and Yves Montand. In 2007, she was immortalized for the next generation in the Academy Award winning film La Vie en Rose, titled after the name of her signature song. 'The Sparrow's' raw and emotionally provocative voice made her a legend in her native France, as well as with audiences around the world. Her expressive soul used song to unleash her dark passion, sincere purity, and wistful romanticism unto the world, making her the undeniable symbol of the French spirit in the 20th Century. With this digitally remastered Arkadia Chansons album, Edith Piaf: Passion de la Vie, the fame, tragedy, controversy, and music of Edith Piaf are commemorated forever.Details

    Edith Piaf
    Passion De La Vie
    Vocals, World Music / International
    Easy List - Vocal, International - French
    29 October 2002
    ~ Discs:1 ~ Country:USA
    Arkadia Chansons ( ARKC )
    Compact Disc
    D: CD

    Track Listing

      Track # Title
    1 La Java De Cezigue
    2 Le Petit Monsieur Triste
    3 Les Deux Copains
    4 Il Nest Pas Distingu
    5 Browning
    6 Mon Apero
    7 La Petite Boutique
    8 La Fille Et Le Chien
    9 Le Contrebandier
    10 Ding Din Don
    11 Jimmy, Cest Lui
    12 Les Hiboux
    13 La Julie Jolie
    14 Partance
    15 Les M De La Cloche
    16 Ot-Ils Mes Petits Copains
    17 Les Deux Menetriers
    18 Le Mauvais Matelot
    # Title



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