Duran Duran Live in Concert 2011: A Diamond in the Mind DVD 2012 16:9 DTS 5.1

Duran Duran seemed to epitomize the glitzy 80s in a way few other bands ever did, but like the 80s themselves, the band faded as the decade came to a close, losing a couple of members to various maladies (like exhaustion), and seeming, for a while at least, to become yesterday's news. 

Rather incredibly, though, the band (in a slightly different personnel assemblage) took the charts by storm again in 1993 with a decidedly more mature sound that included their gorgeous ballad "Ordinary World", a song that immediately reestablished them as pop-rock dynamos and led to a resurgence of interest in their 80s material as well.

Now more than thirty years after they first rose to international prominence, the band has released this live concert video, recorded at Manchester's MEN Arena in 2011

Duran Duran Live in Concert 2011: A Diamond in the Mind features the following songs:

01. Return to Now 

02. Before the Rain 

03. Planet Earth 

04. View to a Kill 

05. All You Need Is Now 

06. Blame the Machines 

07. Safe (In the Heat of the Moment) 

08. The Reflex 

09. Man Who Stole a Leopard 

10. Girl Panic! 

11. White Lines 

12. Careless Memories 

13. Ordinary World 

14. Notorious 

15. Hungry Like the Wolf 

16. (Reach Up for the) Sunrise 

17. Wild Boys/Relax 

18. Rio 

19. A Diamond in the Mind

The visual aesthetic was the subject of quite a bit of planning, as evidenced by this quote from Nick Rhodes, taken from the press sheet accompanying this release. "We wanted to create a dynamic, interactive show, combining new technology with edgy design. The brief for our lighting designer was 'Pixel Punk'. This manifested itself in the convergence of hi-tech screens with a powerful, asymmetrical lighting rig. The primary aim was to re-invent our songs visually and introduce material from the new album as a unique sensory experience. With this in mind, the screens were populated by science fiction, supermodels, anime, psychedelic patterns and graphic design. Four massive mechanical arms were programmed to swoop down over the stage, firing beams of light, like the aliens in War of the Worlds. And the audience was integrated with the show, as live cameras were turned on them, projecting their images behind the band. Hanging high above the stage, four giant heads presented another dimension to the production, as they came alive as band members, skulls, robots and a girl transforming into a leopard."


Video codec: MPEG-4 AVC 

Video resolution: 1080i 

Aspect ratio: 2.35:1 

Original aspect ratio: 2.35:1

English, French, Spanish, German, Italian 

English, French, Spanish, German, Italian (less)


Region A (B, C untested


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