Nightwish: Decades Live In Buenos Aires (2CD/Blu-ray) 2019 Release Date: 12/6/2019

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Nightwish TITLE: Decades: Live in Buenos Aires - Filmed in Buenos Aires the new Nightwish release “Decades: Live In Buenos Aires“ is a 21 song, 1 blu-ray & 2-cd collection featuring tracks spanning the bands 20+ year career


Swanheart (Live)

End of All Hope (Live)

Wish I Had an Angel (Live)

10Th Man Down (Live)

Come Cover Me (Live)

Gethsemane (Live)

Élan (Live)

Sacrament of Wilderness (Live)

Deep Silent Complete (Live)

Dead Boy's Poem (Live)

Elvenjig (Live)

Elvenpath (Live)

I Want My Tears Back (Live)

22 Amaranth (Live)

The Carpenter (Live)

The Kinslayer (Live)

Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean (Live)

Nemo (Live)

Slaying the Dreamer (Live)

The Greatest Show on Earth (Live)

Ghost Love Score (Live)


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