Counting Crows: Somewhere Under Wonderland CD 2014

Deluxe edition includes two bonus tracks. 2014 release, the seventh studio album from Counting Crows. SOMEWHERE UNDER WONDERLAND marks the band's first original material since 2008. Known for creating unique and innovative concerts and consistently ranked as one of the top live bands performing today, Counting Crows are no slouches in the studio as they prove on this album.


    Counting Crows
    Somewhere Under Wonderland
    2 September 2014
    ~ Discs:1
    Capitol ( CAP )
    Compact Disc
    D: CD

    Track Listing

      Track # Title
    1 Palisades Park
    2 Earthquake Driver
    3 Dislocation
    4 God of Ocean Tides
    5 Scarecrow
    6 Elvis Went to Hollywood
    7 Cover Up the Sun
    8 John Applessed's Lament
    9 Possiblilty Days
    10 Earthquake Driver - Demo
    11 Scarecrow - Demo
    # Title



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