The Black Crowes: Warpaint Live At The Wiltern Theater Los Angeles 2008 DVD 2009 16:9 DTS-5.1

Recorded live at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, California on March 20, 2008, and initially released as a 2CD set on April 28, Warpaint Live is now available on DVD courtesy of Eagle Rock Entertainment.  Cell Video Sample only  Limit one per customer 

The disc contains a total of seventeen songs, mostly new material. There are a few interesting covers as well – Mick Jagger and Keith Richards' "Torn and Frayed", Eric Clapton and Bonnie Bramlett's " Don't Know Why", J. Ford and D. Bramlett's "Poor Elijah - Tribute To Johnson", Jerry A. Miller, Jr. and Donald J. Stevenson's "Hey Grandma", as well Reverend Charlie Jackson's timeless classic "God's Got it".


1. Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution

2. Walk Believer Walk

3. Oh Josephine

4. Evergreen

5. We Who See The Deep

6. Locust Street

7. Movin' On Down The Line

8. Wounded Bird

9. God's Got It

10. There's Gold In Them Hills

11. Whoa Mule

12. Poor Elijah – Tribute To Johnson

13. Darling Of The Underground Press

14. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye

15. Don't Know Why

16. Torn & Frayed

17. Hey Grandma

I truly enjoyed Warpaint Live. From start to finish, The Black Crowes perform with an admirable amount of energy that certainly adds a very special vibe to their music, one that was definitely missing after Amorica. "We Who See The Deep", "Evergreen", "Movin' On Down The Line" and especially "Wounded Bird" sound absolutely fantastic live. 





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