Stone Temple Pilots: Alive In The Windy City 2010-DVD 2012 DTS-5.1

Alive in the Windy City *  Release: 2012 Filmed at a sold out Rivera Theatre in Chicago in March 2010, “Alive In The Windy City” is the first Stone Temple Pilots live concert to be authorised for video release.

The band are in top form and the show both looks and sounds spectacular. The concert was held shortly before the release of their recent “Stone Temple Pilots” album and the tracklisting combines new songs interspersed with their classic hits. This is a great live concert by one of the most successful rock acts of the last twenty years.  

Stone Temple Pilots – Alive in the Windy City features the following tunes: 01. Vasoline 02. Crackerman 03. Wicked Garden 04. Hollywood Bitch 05. Between The Lines 06. Hickory Dichotomy 07. Big Empty 08. Sour Girl 09. Creep 10. Plush 11. Interstate Love Song 12. Bagman 13. Huckleberry Crumble 14. Sex Type Thing 15. Dead And Bloated 16. Lounge Fly 17. Piece Of Pie 18. Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart The inability to force Stone Temple Pilots to fit into a preconceived template is hinted at in the very press sheet accompanying this Blu-ray release, a piece of typical PR purple prose which states "Stone Temple Pilots were conceived in 1992 San Diego [sic], successfully melding alternative rock, hard rock, melodic pop and garage rock into a swirl of post-punk attitude with a hint of glam." Well, all righty, then. But this multi-genre description at least hints at some of the ineffable qualities of the band, but can't really convey the outright sonic blast that is in store for listeners when they settle down—however briefly, given much of the music's catalytic power—to enjoy a Pilots album and/or concert.

The Pilots have had a rather tumultuous history, with various members working with other aggregations as Weiland continued to battle various addictions, but the interesting thing about this concert is just how unified and cohesive the four members are. Almost all of the songs here start with drummer Eric Kretz laying out a measure or two establishing the beat on his sticks, and then the band kicks in, with Robert and Dean De Leo on bass and guitar weaving an intricate pattern that might at times be likened to sonic assault and battery. Weiland is in furious voice throughout the concert, slightly raspy at times (as is his wont) and venturing into his trademark shtick with a megaphone.

There's an undeniable energy to this performance, one that almost feeds on itself and works both the band and the appreciative audience up into a frenzy at several key moments (including the performance of what has become one of the Pilots' signature numbers, "Plush"). The actual stagecraft here is pretty minimal, despite the breathless PR hype claiming this is a "visually spectacular" show. What it is really is the typical "screen-fest", with an upstage lightshow featuring various projections and light effects, some of which (like a really aggressive strobe sequence) might actually be harmful for those prone to seizures. Perhaps that's what is really happening with Weiland's very odd movements throughout this high octane concert.


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